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About Us

Welcome to Bad Boy Xotix! We are an Oklahoma born and bred cannabis company that is built for the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana user(s)!  Our company consists of a staff that understands our states motto being "Oklahoma Proud"!  We are all born and raised in Oklahoma, with our intentions of keeping our consumers safe first and foremost, and providing each patient with the BEST cannabis grown in our state. We take pride in providing the cleanest facility, cleanest environment, and producing the cleanest flower in the state.  Please take time to read through our website and get to know us through our social media platforms as well.  


Our staff is always willing to answer any questions our consumers have, accommodate our local and state wide dispensaries, bring quality to all!


We look forward to serving each of you in the future! 


Oklahoma Proud!



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Growing practices

Our growers pay close attention to detail. From the sourcing of all our materials, to the distribution of our product. We are constantly evolving our growing technique to stay on the cutting edge of our industry. 

Quality Product

All product has been hand picked and thourouly tested. We are locally sourced and strive to keep the integrity of our product above all others.

Customer Service

We don't just let our product sell it self. Our team will consult you on the newst product and walk with you through your entire purchasing process.

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Tired of the same old strains? So are we! Our team stays ahead of the industry by  providing the most strongest and Xotix strains.

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